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 I'm JP and I channel Michael. I started this blog to connect people with Michael's Teachings, wisdom, perspective, and observations on current events. If you would like to ask Michael personal questions through me, SCHEDULE A PHONE SESSION OR REQUEST QUESTIONS BY EMAIL. 

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March 17, 2020

Dealing with the new Coronavirus

Before we let our channels talk about techniques and tips, we wanted to say something directly about the nature of the challenge and opportunity that this new pandemic brings to the planet.

What they have to say about techniques and tips...

January 30, 2020

 I would like to invite you to join my Manifestation Course 2020

I’m opening up our yearly 10-month MANIFESTATION COURSE to add new members to our powerful Manifestation circle.  The course starts THURSDAY February 13th with a monthly teleconference call (held on the se...

November 18, 2019

Mark your calendars to attend our yearly event!

We will deliver our predictions for next year regarding politics, energetic opportunities for personal and global expansion!

This year we will be hosting our annual State of the Planet meeting in HERCULES CA SUNDAY December...

October 17, 2019

We really felt the earthquake last night here in Hercules, CA, where I live. Only 4.7, but the epicenter in nearby Pleasant Hill made it quite strong at our place. Cats went crazy. Crystals, statuary and knick -knacks flew off the bookshelves, and the medicine chest du...

October 10, 2019

Well, it’s finally happening. There are many parallel universes of reality and a piece of our consciousness exists in every one of them. If you use the metaphor of the “tree of life”, most of these exist on the main trunk of reality, because there is a tendency to evol...

September 19, 2019

The Universe just keeps on throwing those curve balls this month. Just when you think you’ve solved one puzzle another crops up. At times like these, when we’re feeling a bit inundated; it’s useful to rely on our circles of support. Rely on your tribe. You don’t have t...

September 10, 2019

We’re entering an unusual metaphysical time period that brings us different energies to watch out for or embrace according to our astrological signs:

Aries: this is a kick back week for you, good for relaxation but hard to get motivated; great week for vacation 


September 4, 2019

Wow, what exciting and chaotic energy. The time period from now till the 12th gives us some of the best possibilities for Manifestation of our goals that we have seen all year. Opportunities are knocking; answer the door!

At the same time, chaos is rising. Not only in t...

August 24, 2019

Batten down the hatches as long term scandals, crimes, conditions, and quirks that have been hidden come up to the surface to be revealed. Don’t be surprised to see relationships take sudden surprising twists and shocking revelations blast into social media. Probably g...

August 14, 2019

Energy of the week: Opportunities come a-knocking! That slower pace  you’ve experienced for a few months is gone and acceleration is here. Watch out for crazy emotional highs and lows, but some real, concrete manifestation of your goals is possible now. Most people kno...

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