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So You Think You Might Be A WARRIOR

Warriors are known for their loyalty; strength of character; and, yes, sometimes pig-headedness. They are competent and capable; organized in their thinking, if not always their surroundings; and you can count on them to protect those more helpless and fragile than themselves.

Warriors will lay down their lives for their friends and loved ones. They are patriotic, practical, strong and stable by nature. They are no-nonsense types; so they make great parents, scout leaders, soldiers, public servants, managers, kindergarten teachers, nurses, and CEO’s.

Warriors are natural entrepreneurs with a good head for business; though they can be tactless due to their open, blunt natures. Though you will find them in any profession; many Warriors build and run cities and businesses, fight fires, police the streets and serve in the military, political and legal systems.

Are you loyal, true-blue, and so straight forward that your friends shake their heads at your shoot-from-the-hip style? Then you might be a Warrior!


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