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Questions for Michael by Email

Do you just have 1, 2, or 3 questions for Michael?

Then this option is for you. Emailed questions are answered by Jessica, a very experienced and talented JP-trained Michael Channel.

Scheduling a Session with JP

To schedule a private session, use the Online Appointment System to choose a time that works for you. Payment (PayPal or credit card) is required to book your time slot. All sessions are conducted by telephone, and you're welcome to record your session.

If this is your first session with JP, it would benefit you to prepare a list of questions.


Submit Photos

For questions about friends or relatives email photos of the people you'll be asking about as well as photos of yourself prior to your appointment.

Pictures should clearly show peoples' eyes. The age of the photo does not matter unless you're asking for recent health information.


Prior to appointment, send photos to:

For logistical questions email

Choosing a Channel

Choose a channel that you feel right about. There are no best channels or best way, each has their own feel and does their best to pass along the information they get from another source, in our case the spiritual guide, Michael. If JP (phone sessions) or Jessica (emailed questions) are not the right fit for you, we can refer you to other vetted channels.


An Art, Not A Science

There is no guarantee that channeling is 100% accurate because it is an art, not a science. Though our channels do the best job they can, they are only human. Channeled information should not be taken on pure faith. Your job is to openly consider the information given and then make your own informed decisions, keeping what works for you and letting go of the rest.

Sneak Preview

If your channeling feels incorrect or incomplete, it may turn out to be so.  However, channeled information often winds up accurate, just a few months down the road.


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