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the Great Snowy Owl consciousness

I was approached in the Bardo last night by the Soul Consciousness of the Great Snowy Owl . Owls represent Wisdom to our instinctive centers and this species specializes in the deep inner Wisdom of our Subconscious Mind and taps in to experiences from beyond the scope of this lifetime.

We are in the process of a huge and tumultuous sea change in societal consciousness as the planetary population peaks and our species tips away from adolescence into its maturity. This is a long haul and takes a few hundred years but we are at a fulcrum point this decade and can use all of the Wisdom and Clarity our totems can provide.

As even our platforms shift into a new configuration, opening up societal group platforms, our hearts and minds open as well. And we have allies. This Great Snowy Owl consciousness is one.


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