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So You Think You Might Be A PRIEST

Priests are the keepers of our moral compass. They have a great sense of justice and fairness and a fever to right the wrongs of society and set others onto the path to spiritual fulfillment. This takes paying attention to the highest good and not simply what pleases us in the moment.

Therefore, Priests find that they are loved and respected by those trying to better themselves, but also avoided or disliked by people who are lazy, in denial, or embracing bad habits. This is not the Priest’s fault or necessarily caused by their opinions or actions. All they have to do is show up for a person to unconsciously check their own behavior. Nobody likes to be reminded that they aren’t behaving themselves, and it’s easier to blame the Priest than to look to one’s own short-comings.

Priests have a natural sense of style and can be very charismatic because they are usually full of zeal over projects or zest for life. They are very goal-oriented and love to be inspired to succeed as well as inspiring others to do the same. Because of this, they make great preachers, spiritual leaders, whistle-blowers, marketers, motivational speakers, fitness gurus, politicians, non-profit organizers, coaches, and advisors of all sorts.

Are you full of fire with a zest for life? Do you find that people automatically embrace or avoid you at first glance? Then you might be a Priest!


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