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We’ve had numerous questions lately about the growing Ascension movement amongst the metaphysical community and thought it was time to directly address Ascension.

Hopefully this won’t be too shocking, but the whole Ascension movement is based on the premise that the system that we have (lifetimes of reincarnation until we reach an old enough soul age to feel done with physical plane lessons) is somehow flawed, incomplete, or too slow.

People want to hustle forward more quickly into a more enlightened state.

The truth is that this system works magically and perfectly. It allows every possible physical lesson while never being boring because there is always massively more to experience and accomplish here than one could ever achieve.

What these people aren’t seeing is that right here on Earth, we have all of the Beauty and Glory to bask happily in our studies. We also have the capacity for terrible karma, cruelty and misery. That’s what it means to have Free Will!

Ascension people only want the good stuff and they don’t realize that it’s their own perspective that leads to enjoyment or misery. You can focus on the rainbows or the cigarette butts. It’s up to each of us to decide.

Now Infinite Soul visitations are coming and they are very uplifting. But the world didn’t get perfect when Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed or the Buddha showed up and it won’t get perfect now either. Because we can get a hit of higher perspective but it’s not going to appreciably change people’s soul ages. And Baby and Young souls still have their age appropriate lessons to learn.

So…can people reach a higher state of bliss and understanding using Infinite Soul energy? Yes! Are they going to turn into Beings of Light and morph into pure energy and rise into the Heavens? No.

We have a mechanism for that already. It’s called Death and we all do it regularly and ascend. And then come back for more later after review and course corrections. It’s an elegant system that isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing.


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