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So You think you might be a sage

Are you naturally inquisitive? Do you want to know all of the important news, and help disseminate it? Sages are media masters. They have a keen nose for important news, a really great radar for BS, and a deep desire to let the world know what's really happening.

They are also wonderful entertainers, often legendary for a great sense of humor. Most comedians and many actors as well as media professionals are Sages.

In addition to this their communication skills are usually on point. Some of our best authors (Shakespeare comes to mind) have been Sages. They are eloquent and passionate about their views and perspectives, so you will often find them involved in politics and journalism.

One aspect of Sages that is often overlooked is their commitment to reminding the rest of us that life is to be enjoyed, not just suffered through. Sages remind us not to sweat the small stuff.

One drawback to this is that they may take a Peter Pan approach to life while young and take longer than many to grow up and take on responsibility. There is defintely a tendency to be the Grasshopper rather than the Ant in a Sage, though a challenging childhood can squelch this tendency quickly.

If much of this sounds like you, you may be a Sage!


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