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Allow yourself to heal

All astrological and metaphysical markers are in place to allow for some deep healing this month.

We all have parts of ourselves and our experiences that we have walled off due to pain or shame. Memories of less than stellar behavior. Unforgiven past mistakes. Roads that in hindsight we wished we hadn’t traveled or at least done so more wisely.

And the older a soul you are, the more you hold yourself accountable; the harsher the judgments become.

Now is the time to allow those buried parts to come out into the light to be healed. We are all human. We all come to the physical plane to learn and grow through trial and error. So Error is an inevitable part of the mix. We are mistake-making machines. It’s time to exercise some self-love and self-forgiveness.

This not only reduces anxiety and self-deprecation but allows us to be less judgmental of others.

In addition to this, more self love creates more inner peace and contentment and a better atmosphere of Gratitude. And gratitude is key, because when we stand in gratitude we can move mountains and literally create the highest good for ourselves and others.

This is a Wood Dragon year, full of opportunities. Do your work. Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity for growth. And love yourself.


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