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My surgery went well

This rainbow  was right over my hospital yesterday morning as I left to get a pacemaker put in and was very auspicious.

All went perfectly and it was a joyful experience. I laughed and joked with the staff and they were thrilled. They get little appreciation I think.

I really felt all the love and support! Thank you. I’ve chosen no OxyContin since I hated it when I got my knees replaced. I will count on Sage Z Buffington’s pain relief homeopathy, Barbara Vivino’s acupuncture, Larry Nohr and Juanita Emery’s reiki and whatever else you all send or bring. I am so blessed in my friends!

Sorry I was too sleepy to post yesterday. Looking forward to only a handful of pain management days and then 5 weeks of not raising my left arm so as not to pull out wires (very sensible!)

Thank you all for your Love  and kindness and I will bounce back ASAP.


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