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So You Think You Might Be An ARTISAN

When people see the word Artisan they most often imagine a famous painter, but that is only a very small sampling of what an Artisan can be. Although Artisans are often very talented when it comes to Fine Arts, this can include dance and choreography; music (playing and writing); crafts; film work; photography; writing of all sorts; poetry; pottery; work with textiles; fashion, video, game, vehicle, machine, fabric, or graphic design; architecture; ad copy; sculpture; gene splicing; horticulture and hybridization; coffee roasting; baking; gourmet cooking; and any other endeavor that takes original, cutting-edge, creative thinking.

Artisans think outside the box and are regularly so avant garde with their tastes that they feel separated from the common core of humanity and find themselves somewhat on the fringe. They have a unique style that can easily be noticed in their personal grooming and dress, their home or office décor, their lifestyle habits, and especially their way of thinking.

Wonderful problem solvers, Artisans also bring us most of our new inventions and innovations. Because of this they make great designers, producers, inventors, members of think tanks, landscapers, and professionals in all of the careers mentioned above, as well as, of course, fine artists.

Do you stand out from the crowd and follow a different drummer? You might be an Artisan!


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