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You can help clear the debris

We’ve all been informed that the Covid virus  is a miniature spiky ball. Once our bodies get infected and fight it off they are left with millions of shards of Covid virus debris. This can lodge practically anywhere in your body to wind up giving you problems later such as heart disease, lung problems, and cancer. Your body will eventually clear itself of this but it can take much longer in people who are older or infirm.

People have asked us for a method of clearing disease debris from the body so we are giving you a spiritual support method to help this natural process along.

Vaccines generally do not leave debris in most people, but for the few who have problems the spiritual support towards removal is the same as for Covid flotsam.

Drink at least one large glass of water every 2 hours from breakfast to dinner time during this exercise.

Sit calmly with your eyes closed in a meditative state, breathe slowly and deeply. Starting at your scalp, imagine any tiny stickers of Covid pieces being flushed from that area. From the scalp proceed to your skull, then the brain and fluid it sits in. Don’t forget, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, mucus membranes, blood, muscles and tendons, soft tissue of all sorts and bones. At that point you will probably need to rest and come back to the process later.

Later, or the next day, quickly flush the areas that you covered studiously before, then proceed to neck and shoulders and all body parts down to your fingertips. Rest again.

It will take awhile to get through your entire torso because there are so many organs, glands, muscles, bones, etc. Take your time to be thorough.

Always start by rinsing through the already “cleared” areas and then proceed. Obviously after your entire torso you will move down through your legs and feet. Don’t forget bones, skin, muscles, blood, body hair, finger and toenails. Every piece of you from head to toe. After you have flushed your entire body, repeat the quicker flushing from scalp to toes at least twice a day for about 3 weeks.

At a certain point your body will generally let you know that it feels clear.

You can also use this method to dump insecticides, pesticides, chemical toxins, excess fungi or bacteria, heavy metals, and parasites.

Remember to keep drinking the water until the whole process is complete.

It’s amazing what directing your mind to support your body can do. Remember, however: this is a spiritual journey, not a medical one. Do not use this method instead of getting attention when needed. This is a healthy addition to your recovery journey.


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