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So You Think You Might Be A KING

Kings are natural leaders and entrepreneurs. They are the movers and shakers of the world and often wind up famous, wealthy, or at least well-known in their field. They are committed to excellence and are always perfectionists.

There is a natural charisma to a King and they attract followers easily; although their commitment to the big picture and their career path can make it difficult for them to put as much time into their one-on-one relationships.

Because of their easy understanding of human dynamics, Kings make great delegators, corporate leaders, statesmen, diplomats, and military leaders; though you will find Kings excelling in every field. The mind of a King is crisp, clear, and organized and they are wonderful multi-taskers.

Since they expect such perfection of themselves, Kings can be difficult task-masters with others as well. If you perform to the best of your abilities, however; the King will be the first person to pass out praise and bonuses.

Are you driven, ambitious, charismatic and committed to being the best of the best? Then you might be a King!


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