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So You Think You Might Be A SERVER

Servers are the nurturers of the world. Their natural instinct is to care for others and to encourage us all to support one another. Without the influence of Servers; marriages, family structures and societies break down under the natural self-centeredness of the human race. Because of this we need a healthy sprinkling of Servers at every level of society.

Because Servers are compassionate and kind by nature, they can make wonderful parents, caregivers, restaurateurs, doctors, nurses, dentists and health professionals of all sorts and they excel at service industries. No one gives better customer satisfaction than a Server!

Since everyone wants to be loved and nurtured, Servers are highly sought after as romantic partners. Many of the songs, poems, and stories dedicated to the one who is “the wind beneath my wings” celebrate Servers.

That being said, Servers are also very good at manipulating circumstances for their loved ones “own good”. These machinations can be amazingly successful or fall stupendously flat; so it’s a gamble to play this game, even if your motives are totally pure and loving.

Are you compassionate, giving, and kind? Do all of your friends and family seek you out when they want a treat or a hug? Then you might be a Server!


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