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So You Think You Might Be A SCHOLAR

Scholars are truly the jack-of-all-trades of the seven Roles; and for a few reasons. First of all, they’re called Scholars because they are curious about and absorb information about many, many different areas of interest. Though some Scholars love school, have multiple degrees and are quite professorial, other are more craft or sports oriented and learn with their hands. All Scholars are talented in a wide variety of areas though.

Because Scholars are known for their curiosity and their neutrality they make good confidants, coaches, lawyers, therapists, and mediators. The more traditional Scholars make great teachers, professors, and historians; and the more physically oriented Scholars make great craftsmen, machinists, athletes, and (because the arts are so balancing for Scholars), artists and musicians as well. Scholars are generally huge nature lovers and therefore can often be found hiking or mountain climbing on their days off of more heady pursuits.

Do all of your friends want you to settle their arguments? Are you a trivia master? Do you have widely divergent hobbies, careers, and interests? Then you might be a Scholar!


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