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Precious Cargo

With all of the turmoil and tension in the world, many people have recently decided that they are just done and ready for a rest break. Because of this, folks are peeling off the physical plane in record numbers for the last few months; in some areas deaths vastly outnumbering births; which is a very different story than usual in our vastly growing population of the last century.

Here in the US, in many areas this new phenomenon is supported by the growing trend among adults in their 20's and 30's to forego or delay having children. Obviously, there is plenty of humanity to go around (India and China are still increasing in population daily); and we certainly have no worries about the human race dying off any time soon. But locally, the more deliberate and thoughtful reproduction rate makes each youngster's arrival all the more precious.

We live in a chaotic and unsettled time and children are still our future. If you have the privilege of bringing a new life to this planet, or have a friend or loved one who is expecting, now is the time to focus understanding, compassion, and awareness on those new souls arriving soon. They have volunteered to be here now and can use all of our support and love.

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