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Transitioning to mature consciousness

People have been asking why (if we choose to come here spiritually) are we inundating the planet with too many humans since it’s unsustainable in the long run. Here is what Michael has to say:

# “Humans have come to this planet in stages, starting many thousands of years ago until the mid-1930’s.

For most of that time , every century saw a few more humans arriving.

Then in the mid-1800’s it became clear that the human race was rapidly evolving to the point of soon becoming a species that was maturing into Mature Consciousness.

Prior to that, through all of the time that humans were mostly Infant Souls, throughout the time they were mostly Baby Souls, and well into the time they were mostly Young Souls; humanity had a hierarchical structure to their societies and war, poverty, starvation, abuse, etc were rampant.

Once a species becomes Mature however, they overcome these childish behaviors, distribute resources more evenly, and develop the psychological tools to treat one another with dignity and respect (as a norm).

All of the souls coming eventually to this planet who wanted the full panoply of human experience needed to get here and have their Infant Souled experiences before it was too late.

They started flowing onto the planet in the early 1800’s. But after a century or so it was clear that they simply wouldn’t have time to “catch up” to their older souled brethren in scope of experience by the time Maturity was achieved.

Therefore, they decided en masse to begin to have 5-10 concurrent lifetimes each in the next 100-200 years in order to rectify this situation.

Unfortunately, that would have left Earth inundated with humans of Infant Consciousness. Infant perspective would be the dominant perspective and huge cultural regression would occur.

No other soul or group of souls can tell another not to take a lifetime whenever and wherever they choose. That’s part of free will. So the Baby, Young, Mature, and Old Souls were left with a dilemma: regress to Stone Age values worldwide OR have 5-10 concurrent lifetimes themselves in the same century or two to accompany the Infants up to Babyhood while keeping the Soul Age of the planet consistent with late-Young/early-Mature mentality.

We chose the latter. Not everyone chooses to have concurrents; but they are compensated for by some people who find it fascinating and have 20 or 30 just for the wild ride of it.

Everyone knew it wouldn’t take more than a couple of centuries and figured that it would be a wild ride, but the planet could ultimately handle it.

This action has actually taken about exactly the time anticipated. Human population started moving beyond the one billion mark in 1830, and the last Infant Souls on Earth are slated to progress to first level Baby by 2030.

Since that goal has almost been achieved, people are already allowing concurrent lifetimes to pass away without arranging to be reborn.

No pressure to produce child agreements has led to a worldwide declaration across the vast overwhelming majority of countries of young people of childbearing age that 40% of them (so far) will not be producing offspring. This percentage will grow over the next decade or two and lead to a population reduction back down to the billion mark within another century.

One billion is where humans fit sustainably into the ecosystem. Given how many Old Souls will be cycling off for good during that time we foresee that the population will continue downward towards half a billion or so within a couple hundred years and then slowly dwindle over time as people cycle off with no brand new ones coming in.”


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