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State of the Planet 2022 December 4 11am PST

In order to practice social distancing, we will be hosting our event as a conference call. We will deliver our predictions for next year regarding politics, energetic opportunities for personal and global expansion.

If you would like to attend LIVE, please send $35 via PayPal. The address to use to send the money in PayPal is, please note what you are paying for.

Once we get your payment, you will receive an email with the dial-in information. There will be a Q&A during the second half of the presentation, you can send in your question with your PayPal payment. We ask that you make your question about the general state of things rather than a specific personal question.

We will pick 10-12 best questions to answer. If you can’t make it for the LIVE event you can reserve a text copy or audio recording.


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