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Release your trauma

This weekend is designed to allow us to access and process our unexamined shadow material and finally lay it to rest. Here is Michael’s message about this:

“There is no reason to fear deeply emotional issues rising up from the past. Everyone buries distress and trauma when it is too overwhelming to look at it in the present moment. We all know that we will be better equipped to examine some things after some time and distance.

What is surfacing presently are those sensitive subjects you waited for more maturity and healing to examine. You have the stamina and wisdom around these issues to examine, process, and file them away in the archives; no longer carrying them as a burden.

This kind of healing is a pathway to future happiness and contentment; and ultimately the main road to inner peace. So it is a time to rejoice rather than dread. Only by releasing past traumas can you exist in the moment and really be fully Present.”


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