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Looking for a Guide?

Had a very powerful encounter on the Bardo last night. I was resting in a walnut grove that I frequent for peace and meditation and as I wandered through the woods I came upon the Diety Gula and Goddess Hecate. Gula was leading a long stream of dogs up to Hecate and her hounds and they were infusing them with healing light.

After each healing, the glowing happy dogs jumped up licking Hecate and wagging their tales and then bounded out of sight.

I asked what was going on and discovered that they were healing all of the psychological and emotional wounds these battered or abused dogs had suffered before their deaths so that they could return to their Hive Soul happy and balanced.

It was such a beautiful and poignant thing to see the pure joy in these dogs that I found myself with tears of joy running down my face.

What an amazing gift these deities have brought!

When I woke up my thoughts went immediately to bruised, battered and misused animals of so many different species.

I plan to put a call out to other interested guides to create similar support and healing and thought to ask you to join me if you’re interested.

Also, just FYI, I still have a few dozen guides looking for human partners or children to protect. They nudge me regularly. So if you know of anyone who might appreciate such a partnership or know of kids who need protection, please let me know


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