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What can we dream into Being?

Every morning, after my meditation, I choose a Spirit Animal Oracle Card for the day. Today was the Lizard and it reminded me that this pandemic is as contagious and virulent as it is because it contains reptilian DNA that our human bodies don’t know how to defend against well. Then I looked at the Message: Dream the world into Being.

As most of us slow down at home and have the time to ponder our lives’ path, what will we dream into Being? Life as we know it has been suspended. As we move forward from here we can try to reconstruct the past or we can move in some new directions.

For the last two weeks as I have “sheltered in place” (yes, I started early) my own pace has increased rather than decreased: supporting my family, clients and neighbors, comforting those infected and those in fear, babysitting my grandson whose day care is closed, and posting reliable information to counteract the many odd rumors and erroneous facts about our situation.

It’s become very clear that there is no really quick fix for this rapidly spreading disease. It’s also clear that our response as a country of very diverse perspectives is all over the map. Some of us want to take every precaution to keep as many of us safe as possible for as long as it takes to get medicine or a vaccine in place. Others would rather take a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” approach, live our lives and let the virus scour away the fragile.

Most of us aren’t in a position to dictate what our country’s blanket policy will be. We can only hold our own vision and watch as life unfolds. What can we dream into Being?

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