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What Is Ghostie Class?

What is a Ghostie Class? It is a 2-Hr channeling call with Michael in which we discuss the latest news from the Bardo and the spiritual work being done there. The Bardo is the lowest level of the Astral Plane and the space we occupy when we Astral travel from our bodies at night, first leave our bodies (or get stuck for awhile as ghosts) when we die, and connect to our new baby bodies while our mothers are pregnant. Many, many other activities take place there as well. The Bardo is a continually busy way station and houses the spiritual Healing Grid of energy that surrounds our planet as well as the vortexes we travel through to “go to the light” when we die. Ghosties are people who volunteer to work in the Bardo at night while they sleep; helping disoriented or traumatized souls to a vortex, comforting the recently deceased, clearing negative energies, adding support to the Grid and serving as ambassadors to spiritual visitors from elsewhere in the Universe, as well as many other adventures. If you know or surmise that you are involved in such work, you may want to join our quarterly channeling call held on the fifth Tuesdays when they roll around.

Ghostie Class is almost upon us! July 30th at 5pm. $35 fee. Email me if you need a call in number or PayPal address for payment.

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