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I had a conversation with a woman yesterday who had escaped an abusive parental relationship by getting a college scholarship. She fled to higher education, but left her younger siblings in the care of her abusers without reporting them to authorities.

She had just received a call from her young brother begging her to come home for the holidays, but she had no intention of doing so. She regretted the "karma" her siblings were being inflicted with, but felt no responsibility towards them because she had had the revelation that she, herself, was not really a part of her family of origin. No, she was from the Pleiades.

Over the years, we have heard people again and again divorce themselves from the challenges of the physical plane by declaring their spiritual heritage. I'm from Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, etc, etc....therefore I have no personal stake or responsibility in what goes on in this human existence.

To that we say, who cares where you come from? We are all star stuff. This is a complex and challenging planet and it's nobody's first rodeo. Our souls are ancient and have all existed somewhere before now. That does not absolve you of morality and compassion.

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