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Look To The Stars

One of the things we have sacrificed with modern technology and electric lighting is the ability to see the stars in all of their glory every night in the sky above us. We have to deliberately travel away from towns and cities to get the full impact; and when we do, it is always lovely and breathtaking.

It also served a function for thousands of years that we are mostly disconnected from now. Seeing the vastness of the universe, the countless planets and stars, and recognizing that our own entire planet (let alone ourselves) is a speck of dust in the heavens; serves a vital function. It reminds us not to sweat the small stuff; to let go of our personal concerns and karma and just rise into the huge tapestry of life and vitality that we are a part of. It refreshes us and provides scope and dimension. Next time your life just seems too overwhelming take a trip out into the darkness and look up. You'll be glad you did.

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