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Leave The Lamp On

One of the hardest lessons to learn in this lifetime is to stay out of other people's karma. Especially when it comes to our children, or other youngsters we love. We want their lives to be prosperous, healthy, happy, and trouble-free. Unfortunately, this planet is not a resort location; and, although we can have plenty of moments of joy, we basically come here to learn. This is a classroom, and we can't dictate other people's lessons. They learn what They came here to learn, not what we would design as a curriculum.

With children, we can hold some safeguards in place, but by the time kids enter their mid-teens, they begin to take over their own life path more and more; until finally, we are merely observers (sometimes biting our nails in worry over what might come next).

At this point, as hard as it is, the proper path for us is to let them go. We can still nurture, love, and provide guidance when asked, but we need to learn to let go...and leave the lamp on.

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