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United We Stand

One thing that's easy to forget in these oppositional times is that we are actually all integral parts of one complex system. Each little honey bee, dandelion, mouse, tiger, redwood tree, blade of grass, and human is interactive and interdependent. (Yes, even every one of the political candidates.)

We may not easily see how we are intertwined, but the web connecting us exists all the same. And every creature needs its own niche. Every human needs their own path. Sometimes, those paths diverge wildly, but they all lead us to ultimate growth and evolution as an ecosystem; even the backslides.

The reality is that we all need each other. When we stray from reality, we suffer, pure and simple. We need to find a way to include our fellow beings, rather than excluding them. That is the only path away from suffering. That is the only path to peace.

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