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My Brain

I've been walking daily for over 7 months now and I try to be really careful where I put my feet. Yesterday, for the first time, I misjudged and fell down hard, bruising my hip and giving myself a minor concussion. Spending some hours at Kaiser gave me an opportunity to practice gratitude.

I'm grateful for:

1) My improved agility so I could twist while falling to protect my fragile knees and ankles.

2) The padding I still have on my rear that kept me from breaking a hip.

3) The cap I was wearing that cushioned my head somewhat so that I only suffered minor damage.

4) My parents for giving me such a sturdy head and body in the first place.

5) Obamacare and the great docs at Kaiser as well as my own Doc Ripley who fixed me up so I'm almost as good as new today.

6) My dear Keylah who fed me, walked with me when sitting and lying down were not options, and watched a movie with me to help me stay awake.

7) My kids for encouragement and support and finally, my body's willingness to recuperate quickly so I could get back out to the park walking again today.

Life is good.

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