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Under The Surface

I spent some time yesterday looking at the fallout when a family member succumbs to drug addiction. Although the toll is highest on the addict himself, the toll on the addict's loved ones is very high. The temptation here is to draw lines in the sand and condemn anyone who falls victim to substance abuse. People use shaming, anger, hatred, and rejection to express their displeasure.

It's true that in order to not have your own life ripped apart, you have to have very firm boundaries with addicts. That being said, blaming and shaming is useless. We all have a lot going on under the surface. We may not be addicted to drugs or alcohol; sex, food, shopping, or gambling; but we all have just as much un-evolved ongoing business playing out under the surface as the addicts do. Ours just may look more societally acceptable.

The next time you are tempted to cast judgment and condemn, look to the roots underlying your own personality. We all want more compassion than correction. Let's practice that out in the world.

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