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Just The Facts

Michael says: We continue to have clients berate themselves or one another for their emotions. Everyone wants to get themselves "together" and stop feeling sad, angry, depressed, or irritable. It might be useful to remember that emotions are Facts. They happen. and they are not under your direct control. After all, if they were, wouldn't you choose to be perennially happy?

Once you recognize that emotions happen, you can begin to comfort each other and yourselves rather

than be judgmental. The more we respond with Compassion rather than Contempt to emotional stress the quickly it releases and blows over.

Once you stop focusing on resisting your emotions, you can begin to focus on your thoughts; because so often, emotions are triggered by thoughts; and, unlike emotions, thoughts are under our control if we choose for them to be. That's right. You can choose what to think. And you can also choose to believe or not believe whatever stray thought comes in to your head. Contemplate that for awhile and quit picking on your emotions. You'll soon notice a difference.

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