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With all of the momentum we feel lately, Michael has informed us that physical activity is the key to staying in balance right now. I have adopted walking in my local park as a part of my daily meditation and spiritual practice.

Every day I walk through the park admiring the beauty of the trees, grass, shrubs, and sculptures; listening to the birds sing. The only jarring note is that a few people leave their bits and pieces of trash around the place. Gardeners come and go, using their weed-eaters and blowers and picking up some of it; but trash provides a note of disharmony. So I decided that when I next walk through the park I will do so with a trash bag and rubber gloves on, and do my bit to keep the park a lovely space.

"Do you hear that, my beautiful park?" I said yesterday as I sauntered home. "Tomorrow, I'll freshen you up." (Yes, I do talk out loud to plants, animals, and inanimate objects. I just do.) Just as I walked through what I call the Alice in Wonderland section of the park, a large gust of wind blew a couple of objects onto my vest. They stuck in the polar fleece...turned out to be a piece of blooming, blue rosemary and a little pine cone. Accident? Sure, maybe; but I felt humbled and blessed, and at one with my little park.

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