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The Denying Forest

We're now on a 5-day countdown to a nice break in all of this intense transformation. Starting on Valentine's Day (how lovely!), we get to relax, unwind from all of the chaos and hug those we love. Michael has always told us that if we just keep walking through the "denying force" we will eventually achieve our goals. So often, we get 90% of the way there and then just stop trying.

I used to explain this concept to my kids, and at one point I asked my little son why he was fretting. He said, "I'm stuck in the Denying Forest and I can't get out!" That's when I realized that his mind had a made a leap in his 5-year-old perspective. I had been talking about moving through a challenge and so had he; but his journey was slashing through the jungle growth. (Can you tell he is a Warrior? smile emoticon )

Nevertheless, his imagery was right on target. Let's not get stuck in the Denying Forest...the beautiful beach and sunshine lie just ahead.

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