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The Winding Road

In these incredible times of shift and change, we often begin striding confidently towards a goal, only to realize pretty quickly that what we really want to achieve isn't going to happen the way we thought it would. So we correct our course and off we go again...only to wind up hitting another wall.

Many of us, after only 3 or 4 course corrections decide that our goal simply is not able to be reached. We mourn, regret, and let go of our dream and try to pursue something else instea

d. Ironically, it is often the most satisfying goals that are the most challenging. Michael tells us that the average course corrections needed to achieve a particularly challenging goal is 12. When you think about 12 tries to achieve something you long for is certainly not impossible, and yet few of us persist.

Are you thinking of throwing in the towel and quitting? Have you tried at least 12 different approaches toward you goal? Sometimes the best path in life is a not a straight line.


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