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Walk It Out

We've had a lot of calls lately from people with the winter blues. Sometimes it's challenging to enjoy the cold weather and short, darker days. This can be especially true this month with lots of parallel shifting going on. One minute you feel fine, the next you're down and depressed. Even more baffling is wavering back and forth between emotional extremes...especially with Mercury retrograde's communication and electronic glitches. What to do?

Oddly enough, what's actually the most subliminally disruptive is the constant parallel shifting. We feel ungrounded and possibly a bit victimized by circumstances. There is a quick and inexpensive cure: go for a walk, run or hike. Do it every day. If you can't stand the weather walk in a mall, or your office building, on a treadmill, or around the house. Just get moving. The more you deliberately move through space the more you take ownership of where you're going in life. Try it. When you're feeling tentative or unbalanced; walk it out. It may take 10 minutes, it may take an hour. But it works!


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