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Full Steam Ahead

Steaming forward through the end of the year, in the best Warrior fashion (our motto is: get it done, get it done, get it done, done, done...) I can easily get into a one-track mind. Today was so busy: last minute gifts to wrap, holiday food to buy, and Xmas pies to bake. I was multi-tasking, moving from apple to pumpkin to apricot when the little guys came barreling in from biking at the park. "Can I help?" each of them asked eagerly as I juggled my time between various creations. Hmmm...what to do?

My first impulse was to tell them that what I was doing was too complicated and encourage them to play elsewhere. Then I looked at those hopeful little faces and took a step back to see the whole picture. "How about if I get a couple of these in the oven and then we can make some cookies? And the cookies don't have to wait till Xmas Eve...they can be eaten Today!" Naturally that idea was a hit. They got a baking lesson, we had a warm holiday bonding adventure, and, well, Cookies...yum! Now I'm glad I was able to look at the big picture and make the holidays revolve around the people rather than the preparations. Hopefully, I can remember to stay on the right track through the holidays!

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