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Love The One You're With

Even though it's the holiday season with all of the messages promoting Peace on Earth, we've been surrounded by people in pain and fear angrily disrespecting each other's views, despising each other's politics, rejecting their lovers, and hurting each other's feelings. What's wrong with us this year? Did the anger, fear, and hate pumped up by so many shootings take us all in a negative direction?

Let's get a grip on this, people! We are all here on this lifeboat of a planet together and it's up to us to sink or swim. Try, just for the tiny bit of year we have left, to set down the rhetoric and quarreling and just BE with whoever is presently journeying beside us, and practice a bit of quiet kindness. You don't have to agree on anything, or hold the same spiritual views. Just recognize the fellow human in each other, and treat that other being as you would want them to treat you...with dignity and respect.

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