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Passion Mode

Are you the excitable type? Do you go for the gusto? When you hike back into the mountains and spot that beautiful blue lake, do you just jump right in? Some people just can't help going from zero to sixty emotionally, leading a life chock full of tears and laughter. If this describes you, you may be in Passion Mode.

Passion people wear their hearts on their sleeves. They give their commitment 100% to whatever and whomever they care about; and can usually make a pretty snap judgment on hating or loving something. Your friends may worry that your leaping forward in life may eventually cause you some bumps and bruises, but you would rather live life to the fullest than feel like you're observing from the sidelines.

Sure, you're going to occasionally experience heartbreak, but you are the poster child for living life to the absolute fullest! Let's have a round of applause for Passion

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