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Warrior Woman

Today is Erin's birthday. She is the epitome of her role in the Michael Teachings, which is a Warrior. She is tough, fair, and loyal to the end. She loves fiercely, parties heartily, and has a huge tender heart when it comes to children, animals, and nature. She is an exceptional gardener. She is amazingly competent.

She is earthy, sexy, loves her man, her kid, her dog, and her motorcycle. She would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it. She loves good food, music, and a few select friends. She has a big, warm laugh and her loved ones feel safe around her. She is blunt and honest and tells it like it is.

Warriors like Erin make up 20% of the US population. They are the backbone of our country; running our businesses, serving our country, fighting our fires, fixing what's broken and educating our kids. They are the salt of the earth and we couldn't run the world without them. Happy birthday Erin!


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