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Smudge Sticks

Michael: We are often asked how best to clear a space of unwanted energy or ambiance. Some of the best cleaners in the world are dried herbs made into smudge sticks and burned so that the smoke fills the rooms that you want to clear with fresh energy.

Unfortunately, some people are sensitive or allergic to smudge sticks, or have asthma or other breathing problems that preclude smoking out unwanted energies. For those people we suggest smudge wands. These wands are made of a ...combination of herbs, flowers, and crystals

Rosemary, lavender, and calcite make a great detoxing combination. Thyme, salvia, roses, and rose quartz create a mood elevating wand. You can experiment with your own combinations by looking at the metaphysical and medicinal properties of the plants and crystals you are using, wrapping them in cotton or silk threads and hanging them in the area you wish to impact.


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