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Michael tells us that every plant and stone and animal has its own metaphysical properties. Over the centuries, we humans have evolved to recognize those energies, at least instinctively. Primitive man began this process by deifying certain plants and animals, and even mountains and rock formations and forming rituals to connect their own energies to the beloved or admired object.

Nowadays, we are a more scientific people. We look at a plant....say the humble rosemary bush, and chemically analyze it to find that it provides a few nutrients and strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents, so we put into our food during cold season to stave off illness.

Michael tells us that rosemary also calms us, bolsters our courage, and builds our stamina. So much support from just one little bush! So, whether we follow the scientific path or the metaphysical one or both; cold season is upon us. Let's put a little rosemary in the stew.

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