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Gift vs Challenge

One of my clients was complaining today that as soon as she had a project going really well in her life, sure enough something would come along and sabotage her progress. She used the example of finally getting an important meeting set up and then having a flat tire on her way there. She had to call for a tow and rush to her meeting in a taxi barely getting there in time and trying hard not to appear flustered.

Why do these things happen? Because we are not just randomly alive and breathing. We come here specifically to the Physical Plane to learn lessons. In order to do that there is a Universal Law: "Every gift contains a challenge, and every challenge contains a gift." If you examine your experiences you will find this to be true. You may win the lottery, but 50% is taken in taxes and then your relationships with your friends and family members change...and often not for the better. You may fall on hard times and lose your home to foreclosure, but find yourself living somewhere you like much better 5 years later.

Check it out. It may not always be easy to see immediately, but it always holds true in the long run. The Physical Plane is a bold adventure and not for the fainthearted!


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