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Message From Michael

As part of the Manifestation Course we included in the March call the following channeling on essential oils. This is newly channeled material which we will share with other Michael students in due course, but cannot be found written down elsewhere. Therefore we are posting it here for reference.

The oils pertaining to Roles not only balance the particular person with that Role, but also aid us in using the skills of that Role if it is not our own.

If you have a repulsion to a particular scent, it is due to one of two reasons:

1) You have overindulged in the pursuits that scent encourages in past lifetimes and are now directed away from it, or

2) (much more likely) you have been exposed to some chemical passed off as a knock off of the true scent. You can connect with the real scent by obtaining a true fragrant piece of the plant the scent comes from: an actual lemon, a cinnamon stick, a fragrant natural rose, etc.

A very small amount of essential fragrance is necessary for meditation purposes. One drop in an entire room suffices. We do not recommend oil diffusers; they are overkill and can promote allergies and be harmful to lungs and pets.

Essential oils and their usage:

Lemon: Balances Servers, encourages nurturing, compassionate behavior

Jasmine: Balances Priests: encourages spiritual perspective and attitude, following a spiritual path

Rose: Balances Artisans, opens creativity and new exploration (the most bastardized scent...look for true organic rose oil or use a fragrant rose in your meditations instead)

Cedar: Balances Sages: encourages gregarious extroversion, aids in public speaking, guards wisdom and history

Cinnamon: Balances Warriors, encourages productivity, bravery, simplicity

Pine: Balances Kings, encourages mastery, capability, prosperity, manifestation in all of its forms (so powerful that even bastardized versions can often be effective...get the real article to avoid allergic reactions)

Lavender: Balances Scholars: encourages study, learning, investigation, intellectual pursuits, psychological awareness

Non-role essential oils also very useful:

Bergamot: a citrus oil used to flavor Earl Grey Tea, the oil is perfect for transforming to a new awareness or soul age; extremely useful this year with so many doing these transitions

Sandalwood/ Frankincense: Encourages one to open to the highest spiritual levels/ opens you to channeled guidance and support from all spiritual guides, angels, Jesus, Buddha, etc.

Amber: For seeking wisdom and Truth

Coffee: For friendship and efficiency

Vanilla/Chocolate: To connect with deep love(mate, closest family and friends)

Clove: Friendly bonding with casual friends, co-workers, neighbors

Tea Tree (Melaleuca): For protection and removal of blocks, spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical

Eucalyptus: Clearing disease

Oregano: Protection from attack

Rosemary: Releasing/eliminating pain and suffering

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