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You May Be A Skeptic

Are you a naturally suspicious person? Is your first reaction when you hear a new idea to investigate further to see if it's legit? Some of us just have a natural tendency to need some serious convincing to sign on to a new team or enroll in a prospective plan. If this sounds like you, you may be a Skeptic.

Skeptics get a bad rap for being negative. As any true Skeptic will tell, that just isn't true. A real Skeptic is perfectly willing to believe well- researched and authenticated facts. They just don't take things at face value. Skeptics provide a very needed service in this world, because without them we would have very little research and development and a whole lot of launching into new projects without debugging them first.

So when you run into skeptical Uncle John at the holiday party, remember, he's the one who told you trying to fly off the roof like Superman when you were 4 was a bad idea. And give him a big hug. Skeptics save lives every day.


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