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You Get What You Resist

Today was the first full, hard rain of the season in my little town and when I stopped to get gas, I noticed a fellow fretting and cursing in his business suit. Somehow he had forgotten an umbrella and was just hopping mad that his good clothes were getting wet even under the overhang. As he stomped around the car filling his tank a big gust of wind sent water right over him and a passing car splashed even more and he started to rant. He finally slammed into his car and took off and the lady next to me pointed out that his coat was caught in the door hanging out and getting wetter.

We couldn't help but laugh. Yes, it was schadenfreude because we've both been there...who hasn't? Have you ever noticed how when you draw a line in the sand, you just attract exactly what you're trying to draw the line against? It's the universal law of "you get what you resist"; but where does it come from? Why? Is the universe just perverse?

No. We attract what we're resisting because a part of us is saying "I can't handle that" and a wiser part is saying "Of course you can...just need to work on it a bit. Here. Have some examples to work on." Sometimes we forget...the physical plane is a classroom and we are the students.


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