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What Happens When We Die?

As even children can tell, we Have bodies, but we are not Only our bodies. When we die, our consciousness is released from the flesh and blood of our mortal shell and, as an electromagnetic pattern of energy begins the journey of rising in frequency to the next level of existence. There are many ways to envision this process: rising up to heaven, floating up to the clouds or moving through a light at the end of a tunnel are a few popular ways.

What is actually happening is an increase in frequency from the Physical Plane to the Astral Plane (the next highest level of existence). Think of the different stations on a radio dial. Tuning in to the different planes of existence is like moving up a radio dial. The physical plane is lowest on the frequency scale. After we die, we move up to the Astral Plane next to process our life and death and plan for the future.

When we reach that frequency, it’s like passing through the gates of heaven, moving in to the light, or dialing into the next station. We move from a place of emptiness and static to the music of the next plane.

Sometimes, when we die in confusion or stress, we can get stuck in that space between the Physical and the Astral. That space is known as the Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism. Souls who are wandering in the Bardo can be felt and sometimes seen by those sensitive to it as spirit or “ghost” presences.

Eventually, everyone crosses over, either on their own or with the support of guides who work in the Bardo expressly for this purpose.

Once a soul crosses over, there is rejoicing and reunion with loved ones, but very shortly thereafter (again with support from guides), the soul is cocooned into a quiet space for a life review. The entire life from conception to death is seen from a neutral perspective. The soul sees what was happening in the lives of parents, siblings, other family members and the society around them as well as what they themselves experienced. This gives the person the details of what harm they caused or what help they gave to others. Any debts paid or formed are taken note of for future reference.

Finally, at the end of the review, they have a full understanding of what they learned, how they were affected and how they affected others. At that point, they are complete with the review and they open to all other memories they may have from other lifetimes or Astral between-life experiences. This allows them to be clear in their planning for the future. They will either move on to another lifetime or decide that they are complete with Physical Plane experiences and continue to refine and educate their soul in the Higher Planes.

At that point they become more available to the loved ones left behind as well. Many people report that they can’t “feel” their loved one or get any connection with them, even in their dreams right after they die. Then, some months later (when the review process is complete) they feel spiritually connected once more.


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