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Storm Clouds On The Horizon

After last night's debate, it is clear that unless the election goes his way, Donald Trump will not quietly accept defeat. Since many of his supporters are filled with anger that has been pumped and pumped by the news media and political grandstanding, we can be assured that November 8th will not be a day that everyone can sigh, shake hands, and move on with a gracious winner and gracious loser as has been the case in many former election processes.

A storm has been gathering for months now as this political free for all has escalated. Now is the time to hold an internal and public stance of empathy, tolerance, and gratitude, not matter how difficult that is, and no matter who you are voting for.

Because no matter your political views, this country does not need rioting in the streets, civil unrest, and more violence. We CAN say no to this behavior and hold onto sanity and stability. Let's all show some dignity and maturity and do just that.


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