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Science and Spirituality

Many spiritual people have developed the idea that spirituality is somehow in a war with science, as if the two cannot coexist peaceably. This is unfortunate because it is untrue. Many of our students are scientists, physicists, doctors, nurses, and caregivers. They become interested in metaphysics and the spiritual world because of what they see in their scientific jobs every day.

Just weeks ago, an 8-year-old boy in New York had new hands grafted onto the stumps he had left after losing his own hands. And these hands are becoming functional with physical therapy. This week, an Australian child who was internally decapitated, with a severed spine from a car accident, has had his head reattached to his spine and is recovering nicely. This bodes well for veterans eventually receiving new limbs and for people with spinal injuries no longer becoming paraplegics or quadriplegics.

Don't reject science. Someday, you may need a hand.


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