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Rising From The Ashes

For many Californians this has been a truly heart-breaking fire season, especially with the loss of Harbin Hot Springs, many homes, and thousands of acres of forest to the latest firestorm.

The land there is deeply spiritually healing and refreshing; and many of you have taken time through the years to retreat to the area for balancing, education and solace.

This year is a widely transformational year in many ways, and LOSS (of a beloved person, a home, a pet, a possession, and even a favorite spiritual retreat) has been prominent.

Even through the losses, however, what shines forth is the hope and new growth rising from the ashes. There are already plans to rebuild and replant in Harbin next spring as a community project. People have turned out in droves to support those who lost homes, possessions and pets to the flames.

Often, in crisis, humanity lets go of its pettiness and bickering and rises up to be their best. Just as Harbin will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, so will all of you. Rise up, be kind, and be loved.


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