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Life Shows Up

I woke up today with an agenda. I was going to get a lot accomplished around the office, handle my bookkeeping, and finish some chores I have yet to complete. None of that happened.

I discovered that my email address had been "disappeared" by Comcast. I comforted two distraught unexpected clients. I took a child to a quick doctor's appointment that wound up taking 3 and half hours and included minor surgery. Then I spent some more time comforting and feeding that child. I lent my car out for a minor roadside emergency, then wound up at a parent-teacher conference that ran for two whole hours. Throughout the day, I kept trying to get my email restored (no luck yet). Suddenly, my work day was over and my evening schedule had kicked in.

Absolutely nothing went according to plan all day. However, as I shifted gears to channel for my evening teleclass, I remembered: Life is what happens when you've made other plans. Everything I experienced today was important. More important than my plans (though I'll get back to them). Here's to taking Life as it comes!


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