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Emotional Sensitivity

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, even if you can't pinpoint why (the weather, astrological influences, seasonal shifts?) you just start having one of those weeks where so many people are imbalanced, fretful, illogical, and just downright cranky that your patience is stretched to the maximum?

Even worse is when you notice that the semi-hysterical, emotional mess in the room is yourself.

We all have cross-threaded days, and this week, more than a fair share of the population is on this loud and challenging platform.

What to do? Well, you can berate yourself and others, which just makes everything worse. You can try to talk people down with logic, which generally doesn't work. You can count to ten, lock yourself away from the rest of the world, or drown your sorrows in your favorite addictive substance.

OR: You can take a deep breath, practice forgiveness and compassion, and step deliberately into kindness. Give a fretful person a smile and a hug today. If that fretful person is you, give yourself a treat. A little drop of sweetness goes a long, long way.


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