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Update on Judie David

Update: I’m so sorry to share today that Judie David, long time Michael student, co-author of the Gemstone Dictionary, stepmom of Erin Gomes, and Grandma to the 3 boys I’ve been helping to raise for the last 7 years, had a massive stroke on Thursday and was removed from life support yesterday after we informed the boys and they had a chance to visit her.

She is presently on comfort care at Kaiser Richmond if you would like to visit and say goodbye. The doctors expectations are that she will be with us for “hours or days, but not weeks” because her body has difficulty breathing and her kidneys are failing. (UPDATE: She just passed at about 9:30 this morning, June 1st.)

Erin and I are contacting relatives and today Keylah and I will be looking for her important papers. Many of you have offered assistance in this time of crisis and we really appreciate that and I will post a list of what we could really use as soon as I can get to it.

Naturally, our primary concern is the welfare of the boys: Shane, 14, Nick, 10, and Ryan, 8. Judie has been their custodial parent and “mom” for the last 7 years since their mother died, so this is a huge and heart-breaking loss.

I have also been raising these boys for 7 years and love them dearly, but it has been made quite clear to me by social services that I will have input and my relationship with them is encouraged to continue; but that I will have no say in where they wind up and with whom. This is challenging for me; but I am pulling in the possibility that the best possible placement for them will fall effortlessly into place.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support in this difficult time ❤️

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