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Happy Spring!

Spring is here and with it a renewed sense of hope. In alignment with that, Michael shared some interesting facts with us.

Up until a mere 200 years ago, 85% of humanity lived in extreme poverty, slept on dirt floors, drank bad water, lost most of their children before adulthood. As humans began to evolve in soul age and science, that number dropped to 30% in the 1950’s (when I was born). Today, though we still have progress to make, that number has dropped to 9%. By 2030, using conservative estimates, we will have conquered extreme poverty and starvation. Even with all of the political backsliding and younger souled backlash, we continue to evolve and move forward and right minded people around the world keep uplifting their neighbors.

We still have a long way to go, but life is actually improving across the globe. Happy Spring!

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